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Independent Logistic Solutions (ILS Customs Agent)

Like all parts of your business, customs needs a professional approach, especially now, where a lot of customs regulations are changing rapidly, such as AEO, HT, AGS and EORI, and the internal or external audits attached to these.

Are you planning to import or export products? Apply for a customs license? We believe your organization should have customs knowledge because it could reduce cost and would support your logistical process,


  • When applying for a license or an AEO certificate, you will get a reduction of the deposit.
  • Regulations and licenses so you do not pay too much import duty and VAT.
  • An application letter to the authorities if you don’t agree with the import duties or penalties.
  • To support the internal and external audits.
  • Quality management to support your logistic process.

Here for your company needs a partner specialized in these areas.
We are willing to be that Customs Agent.

Independent Logistic Solutions (ILS Customs Agent) is a customs broker founded in 2005 and with our qualified staff we are able to solve all your customs related problems for a reasonable fee.

Independent Logistic Solutions (ILS Customs Agent) is specialized in:

  • Import, Export and Transit
  • AGS 1, AGS 2, AGS 3 and AGS 4.
  • Duty Management Systems
  • Applying for a customs license
  • Applying for an AEO certificate
  • Internal and External audits
  • Quality management
  • Application letters for objections and appeals to the authorities
  • Applying for Certificates of origin by Chamber of Commerce
  • Fiscal representation
  • Training and presentation

We could also advice you on Logistic processes, fiscal subjects and all other customs relayed questions. In the broadest sense of the word? ILS Customs Agent will give you personal service with a solution that suits your company. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you, because having knowledge ahead is the key to successful import and export.

Independent Logistic Solutions is your local professional expert on customs and the solution for all of your customs and logistic problems.

We will take your frustrations away !!!!

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About ILS

We develop concepts, and we implement them. Independent Logistic Solutions "ILS Customs Agent" accepts increasingly complex customs- and supply chain challenges from various trade and industry fields, and provides with innovative and cost-saving supply chain solutions in return.

Independent Logistic Solutions “ILS Customs Agent” accepts increasingly complex customs- and supply chain challenges from various trade and industry fields, and provides with innovative and cost-saving supply chain solutions in return.

Our approach is to focus on the entire process; we do not believe in stand-alone optimisations. So we will be assessing all areas that are connected in the overall process. Resulting in optimisation in customer and employee satisfaction, cost reductions, bottom line improvement and increased operational excellence. We are a professional consultancy services provider, practice a no-nonsense approach and are very results driven.

We believe that a concept is only as good as its implementation. So we take pride in value-added solutions which create a decisive competitive advantage in the current changing economic climate. Our experienced project managers are motivated to partner with your internal organization to not only accelerate the ability to integrate changes in workflow processes, but also enhance leadership skills and stimulate (online) team collaboration.

We have access to an extensive network of experienced management, logistics, customs and IT field specialists; subject matter experts (SME’s) who have gained respectable experience in their respective fields. Their initial approach is methodological, with an analytical component, with the goal to develop intelligent strategies. Execution then becomes accelerated through project management, open direct communications style, and strong people management skills.

ILS Customs Agent is your access point to all the necessary building blocks to transform your challenge into your strongest growth area. This is why we create partnerships with our customers: for them to become everything they promise to be.

Customs Solutions

Moving goods across customs without delays takes expertise and reliability. ILS Customs Agent helps you to adapt in the constantly changing world of customs and international trade. We ensure your business meets International clearance and trade compliance. European Custom regulation is our field of expertise.

Our services:

Customs Brokerage  •  Customs Consulting •  Trade Compliance • Intrastat Declarations • Customs Warehouse solutions

Customs Brokerage

When Every Detail Matters

We believe that the hallmark of an experienced customs broker is attention to detail. So we do pride ourselves in our focus to all the details and utilize our experience, regulatory expertise and the latest technology to ensure that your supply chain remains compliant.

Incorrectly filing an entry, product misclassifications, incorrect value declaration can lead to costly delays, service failures, possible fines, and seizure of goods. We’re proud to demonstrate our expertise.

ILS Customs Agent Specialists, are international trade professionals specializing in project-oriented work and complex daily issues. They can assist with issues that fall outside of the normal brokerage and forwarding needs. Consultants When You Need Them


Trade Compliance

International trade can be very complicated. Simply, because there is not a single set of global trade rules. In many cases, there is even not a single set of rules within a nation. The same item can be subjected to different trade regulations depending on which other country is involved in the deal. Trade agreements are contracts entered into by two or more countries. These often determine what actions constitute compliance and non-compliance.

Many exporters and importers fail to comply with international trade regulations because of this complexity. And as such risk severe criminal penalties and loss of goods. Many global traders simply avoid exporting or importing out of fear of regulations. As a private companies we are specialized in helping companies to be compliant, whether importing or exporting. Utilizing these available resources is a wise decision because ignorance of trade requirements is most likely not accepted as a defense for violations.

We can support you in:

  • Assisting in audits to ensure that you comply with the regulations
  • Archiving your customs related documents and the completeness of proof of export documents for VAT purposes
  • Monitoring of embargo activities including Denied Party Screening
  • Monitoring and reviewing customs activities carried out on your behalf by third party service providers

Consultants When You Need Them

ILS Customs Agent Specialists are international Trade Compliance professionals specializing in project-oriented work and complex daily issues. They can assist with issues that fall outside of the normal Trade Compliance needs.

Intrastat Declarations

In case your company performs intra-community trade, you have to make sure that you meet all statistical requirements. Regular statistical declarations (INTRASTAT) must be filed in case a certain value threshold for your trade is exceeded. A company therefor has to submit information to the local authorities when it trades within the European Union. It is enforced by law. The level of detail in the report, the timing and the frequency may differ for each member state, but the following data are mandatory for all member states:


  • Country of origin of the goods received (the country where the goods have been manufactured; when manufacturing has taken place in multiple countries, then use that country to which the most value has been added during the entire manufacturing process)
  • Country of despatch

Dispatches and Receipts:

  • Mode of transport when crossing the border (i.e. road, rail, water, air)
  • Type of business transaction (i.e. regular trade, sample sale, consignment, intercompany stock transfer, customer returns)
  • Commodity code (grouping of products to allow uniform reporting within the European Union)
  • Value (the value should also include the costs for transport; a statistical value must be determined in case of sample sale or intercompany stock transfer)
  • Weight

Consultants When You Need Them

ILS Customs Agent Specialists are international professionals: they support you with

  • Filing of INTRASTAT declarations (arrival)
  • Filing of INTRASTAT declarations (dispatch)

In addition they can assist with issues that fall outside of the normal declaration needs.

Customs Warehouse Solutions

It is self-evident that complex Customs legal matters call for professional Customs legal advice today. ILS Customs Agent offers something similar in the form of trade compliance, Customs and supply chain advice when it is necessary to redesign old procedural structures. External specialists’ neutral viewpoint adds weight and value to an analysis. Deficiencies can quickly be pinpointed and addressed because the evaluator can analyse what is, unhampered by predetermined results. Modern studies show that existing structures and processes do not generally have to be replaced. Often it is enough to make certain adjustments to optimise the workflow and meet increased demands. ILS Customs Agent helps you decide what to replace or adjust, and carries out the necessary workflow optimisation. Computer-supported or computer-guided trade compliance, Customs and logistics operations are indispensable in many cases today. Unfortunately, in many companies there is a divide between trade compliance, Customs and logistics and IT know-how. At ILS Customs Agent, experienced logistic informatics specialists develop modern Customs and IT solutions that can range from introducing ERP to setting up interfaces with outside systems.

ILS Customs Agent considers trade compliance, Customs and the supply chain to include all the necessary provisions (including disposal) from the producer to the consumer, while maintaining control of the necessary flow of goods and information. Added-value solutions and an integrated approach are achieved through professional consultation.

Processes that have developed over time are preferably restructured, with the aim of slimming down operations, Customs and trade compliance while integrating what already works well.

First, we come to grips with the current status – the processes, infrastructure, relationships and data. We use this analysis to derive pivotal insights and suggestions for individual solutions.

Firmly defined trade compliance, customs and work processes, often controlled by circumstances, cannot be completely reorganised. Here, we identify ways to improve performance (usually IT-supported solutions).

The combination of logistics, trade compliance, Customs and informatics is the key to value-adding, innovative logistics solutions. Customs and trade compliance consulting is of primary importance when separate departments and/or companies need to plug in to a shared process/planning chain consisting of heterogeneous IT landscapes, or when interfaces with outside systems are required (LVS, forecasting systems, EDI, barcodes, RFID, etc.).


Consultancy Solutions

Supply chain, trade compliance and customs solutions are quite like successful recipes that do not win us over through their various ingredients alone, but rather through the subtle combination of ingredients. Supply chain, trade compliance and customs solutions must use an integrated approach. Physical transport, Customs and storage should never be considered in isolation when we are seeking warehousing solutions, Supply chain, trade compliance and customs solutions or distribution solutions. We must focus on the whole process, which frequently spans the globe and more than one company. Client satisfaction and especially cost savings stem from many individual success factors along the supply chain.

Mastery of the most modern information technology available, or at least its meaningful and optimal implementation, has overriding importance. Usually companies have a time-tested ERP system that meets intra-enterprise needs well. It is the communication with outside or connected systems that goes unused. ILS Customs Agent Supply chain, trade compliance and customs IT solutions ideas enable uninterrupted bi-directional exchange of data and thereby create transparency, reduce administration and facilitate meaningful and intelligent reporting.
Focussing on core expertise creates opportunities that many companies use for development or that may even be crucial to survival. Interfaces with external services become increasingly important to the company. Together with the client, ILS Customs Agent defines the extent of the processes and activities that are to be sourced out (fundamental make-or-buy considerations) and assumes an implant or a suitable outsourcing model accordingly. In both cases ILS Customs Agent attaches particular importance to social acceptability and reliable know-how. Interfaces, or, more appropriately connecting sites, link up individual IT systems. For example, they connect ERP systems with a company’s WMS (warehouse management system), CMS (Customs management system) or ERP systems with a transport management application or an internet platform, etc.

Secondment or takeover of personnel by an external service provider. Precisely defined tasks and processes are carried out by the external service provider on the customer’s premises. Tasks (which do not usually fall within the company’s core competencies) are transferred to an external service provider. In this case, the service provider works outside of the company and not on the company’s premises.

Project Management

The catch phrase “tell me how a project begins and I will tell you how it ends” casts a shadow over the otherwise popular concept of project management, which most managers associate with control, reaching milestones, dynamism and readiness to change.

In many cases, however, complex projects are launched under time pressure without anyone thinking about the core necessity of target expectations. This is like wanting to take a difficult exam without first doing the necessary homework. ILS Customs Agent compiles detailed target expectations in the preliminary stage, which comprise both an objective presentation of the existing conditions and a clear and understandable solution.

Based on this analysis, you can use the surveyed criteria to assess our proposed solutions and offers, and make a fair evaluation. In addition, ILS Customs Agent’s knowledge of Supply chain, trade compliance and customs solutions in the industry ensures the success of your choice of partner and solution.

Personnel resources are generally limited and yet they are indispensable to the success of a project. Also, heterogeneous, global organisational structures make efficient project planning more difficult. ILS Customs Agent’s project directors plan each step realistically and coordinate specialised know-how in the best possible way, thus ensuring time efficiency throughout the project.

Any plan is only good if it is implemented well. Sound experience is required when implementing ideas in detail. The project leader must be assertive and above all he must possess social competence and a capacity to integrate.

Many project has won a Pyrrhic victory. Either the core objective was not or only partially obtained, or the project used up so many resources that the final savings were barely worth the investment. ILS Customs Broker ensures reliable reporting and controlling of the project to the contractor’s top management at all times.



Various offers are compared with one another in the evaluation and selection phase. The extent to which the various needs outlined in the target specifications will be met is defined and assessed (using a value-of-benefit chart). Project planning defines the project objective and organises the relevant resources (manpower, know-how, time, capital, tools, and infrastructure) by means of a transparent project plan. For the project director the plan serves as a checklist for controlling and reporting to the contractor.

Implementation puts an idea into practice, including the training of everyone involved. The implementation is complete when the solution can be activated “at the push of a button”.

Project control ensures that the target specifications set out in the project plan are met and it measures progress toward the goal in defined intervals. Deviations are reported and corrective measures are implemented.

Interim Management

Management tasks that for various reasons cannot be taken on by one’s own staff can be overseen temporarily by external personnel. This can only be done by an all-rounder who has a high degree of experience and flexibility, and an ideal blend of tact and assertiveness.

Short and medium-term vacancies can be filled by external personnel (temporary contracts). Trade Compliance, Customs and Management positions are frequently very difficult to fill using the usual job market instruments. Personal networks play a prominent role in reaching the most qualified candidates, in addition to detailed job and requirement descriptions and a careful evaluation process.

Staffing Solutions

Lease a Specialist

  • Keeping your costs flexible
  • No need to invest in customs know-how
  • Highly-skilled customs employees available for the time you need them
  • Support your peak seasons
  • Highly professional staff with experience in various industry sectors

Lease a Specialist is the right package when you are in need of the most flexible solution, on short term notice. With our project and / or contract employment options, costs are transparent and there will be no surprises for you.

Experienced interim Customs Specialists

Our declarants with experience in various industry sectors will work on-site to support you in different fields of the customs clearance process, like taking care of your import declarations or classification of your goods.

Are you interested in joining our Specialist Team?

You are currently employed as a business specialist (or similar) and you want to know more about our organisation and interim opportunities? Please send us your profile and we will get in touch with you!

Project based Advisors | Subject Matter Experts (International Experience)

Our business advisors from various business backgrounds will work with you and your teams to support you in different fields of your core business activities , like project management, strategic planning, complex ICT solutions, teambuilding or authentic leadership coaching.

Our ‘lease’ specialists act confidently within your company’s culture and guidelines. They are self starters, have a no-nonsense mentality and typically know their way around in their respective field of expertise, corporate cultures and are skilled networkers.

Our Specialist are selected based on an in depth selection process. They are assessed on their expertise, professional skills and interpersonal qualities.

ILS Customs Agent
We will take your frustrations away !!!!